Servicing & refurbishment

As well as to ensure that your gas forge operates reliably and efficiently, regular servicing is vital for your safety and that of your customers. That’s why the Farriery Training Service (FTS) endorses our recommendation of a two-yearly check for all gas forges. From a minor adjustment to a major refurbishment after years of reliable service, Swan Products offers a fast, cost-effective servicing and refurbishment service for our products.


Because no-one knows Swan gas forges like we do, we’re the best place to come for routine servicing and the peace of mind that comes with a free safety check. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and book your forge in. (A while-you-wait service is available by appointment).




In an age of throw-away products, how is it that thousands of Swan gas forges (many of them decades-old) still do sterling work for farriers and blacksmiths around the world? The answer lies in excellent materials and the way each Swan forge has been designed to allow cost-effective refurbishment. It’s been said that a refurbished Swan Portaforge is ‘a nearly-new Swan Portaforge’.

Here’s what to expect from your fixed price Swan refurb package:

  • Full service and safety check
  • Complete reline
  • Replacement ignition system
  • Replacement base tiles or castable base
  • Replacement thermocouple
  • New rubber gasket(s)
  • Sundry parts (up to £20)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Average turnaround time is five working days (perfect if you’re planning a well-deserved holiday)
  • Friendly advice from a UK-based team
  • While-you-wait service available by appointment
  • FREE loan Portaforge during refurbishment (subject to delivery and collection costs)

If any work is required over and above the package price we will always provide a full quotation.

Spare parts

All Swan Products customers enjoy a fast, friendly comprehensive after-sales service. Spare parts are generally available for next day delivery.

For fast, convenient gas forge servicing, refurbishment or spares, call now or email for information or advice.