About Swan Products

Back in 1978, Cecil T. Swan became a Gloucestershire farrier. With his passion for the profession and an engineering background, he soon identified an urgent need for a safe, economical and efficient portable gas forge for farriers and blacksmiths. The first Swan Portaforge was produced in 1985; we’ve never looked back…

10,000 gas forges and 25 years later…

Nearly 10,000 gas forges and 25 years later, we’re continually increasing our range of products and accessories to cater for the needs of farriers, blacksmiths, craftspeople and educational establishments. People like you who need a safe, portable way to heat metal components.

  • Well-made, durable, easily-maintained gas forges.
  • A warm welcome when you contact us.
  • You’re special; we don’t forget it.
  • We’re knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy.
  • You benefit because we’ve got a hard-earned reputation to protect.
  • Our passion for gas forges helps you help your customers and build business.

From the beginning our business has been based on excellent design and materials, friendly knowledgeable service, and value. Your Swan Portaforge is designed to be easily maintained and refurbished; that’s why thousands of decades-old Swan gas forges still do sterling service while inferior products have long since been scrapped…

Our small, friendly technical, manufacturing and administration team looks forward to helping you choose the best product for your needs. Call us on +44 (0)1242 621590 or email for more information.

Quality and safety standards

Every Swan gas forge meets the highest possible quality and safety standards. Cheaper, often overseas sourced, gas forges may be available but experience shows that a Swan Portaforge will often repay your investment within a few years.

  • Top quality materials including a refractory tile base to protect the ceramic insulation from abrasion.
  • Asbestos-free since the very first Portaforge
  • CE marked (all safety equipment complies with EC regulations)
  • Tested by experienced technicians
  • Farrier Training Agency (FTA) approved
  • Endorsed by the Farrier Training Service (FTS) Health & Safety Officer

How would a Swan gas forge make your work easier, more productive and more profitable? Call now or email for information or advice.