Who uses Swan gas forges?

Discerning professionals just like you trust Swan Products to make their work easier and more profitable. Whether you’re a farrier, a blacksmith, an engineering metal worker or an artist, Swan forges and products will complement your skills and help you delight your customers.


Whether you’re working from your premises or out on the road, legendary Swan Products quality, design, safety and durability makes your working life more pleasurable and more productive. It’s hardly surprising when you remember that the Swan Portaforge and all our other products are inspired by experienced farriers.

  • Built to last (no need to throw out a ‘cheap’ forge after a couple of years).
  • Lower whole-life cost
  • Easily serviced and refurbished to give decades of life
  • Safety is paramount in every product; Swan forges are perfect for farrier training
  • A range of products caters for every static or mobile need
  • Fast UK servicing and loan forges keeps you earning money
  • Friendly support from a passionate family business


  • Heavy duty workshop products support high-volume output
  • Two-door models support dual forging stations
  • Ideal for large or unusually-shaped metalwork
  • Fast heat-up gets you working faster
  • No flue required in a well-ventilated workshop
  • Cleaner than coke…


Plumbers, builders and light-engineering professionals also appreciate the convenience and portability of Swan gas forges.

Artists and craftspeople

From sculptors to jewellers; from someone who refurbishes grandfather clocks to someone who ‘just wanted one’, Swan Portaforges provide clean, efficient heating and the promise of a long productive life for anyone who uses heat and metal to express their creativity. What will you create with yours?

Schools and colleges

Back in the good old days it was called ‘metalworking’; nowadays, students study resistant materials. Several schools and colleges have already discovered the benefits of our safe, easy-to-use, portable or static gas forges.

How could an efficient, reliable, cost-effective Swan gas forge help you build your business? Call now or email for information or advice.