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Fire Welding Compounds


Swan Magi-Weld

  • Flux for coke and gas forge welding
  • Specially formulated by Cecil Swan it is less likely to drip during welding thus avoiding damage to the forge lining.
  • Supplied in a handy airtight dispenser with full instructions.
  • Contents: 400ml (approx.)

Price: £19.42

Swan Ali-Weld

  • Flux and filler rods for brazing aluminium in a coke/gas forge, or by using an oxyacetylene torch
  • Easy to use
  • Full technical instructions supplied
  • Contents: 75g (approx.)

Price: £19.42

Swan Eze

  • Applied to warm tools, this graphite-based lubricant reduces the number of hammer blows in punching or cutting hot steel, and also reduces friction for easier splitting or punching.
  • Tools benefit from an enhanced and extended useful life.
  • Content: 250ml (approx.)

Price: £11.26


Farrier tools, supplies and equine products

With all the farrier tools you need in one place, it’s never been easier to equip yourself. Your Swan forge is complemented by a comprehensive range of blacksmith forge tools, equine and farrier products manufactured and sourced to our usual high standards.

Prices for the majority of products are available by clicking on “more info”. VAT is applicable to these prices.

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